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Johnny Tran

Johnny Tran is the primary antagonist of the 2001 original The Fast and the Furious. He is portrayed in the film by character actor Rick Yune.

Character SummaryEdit

Tran was first seen talking to rival Dominic Toretto and remarking about Brian O'Connor's car; he leaves shortly after, only to return and shoot the car with his sub machine guns. Later as Brian, Vince and Dominic spy on Tran at his garage, he is seen with his cousin, Lance Nguyen, interrogating a man named Ted Gassner, regarding engines in his vehicles, which is also where Brian spots several boxes of DVD players in his garage. This leads Brian to organize a large SWAT assault team to invade Tran's house, only to find a few minor weapon possession charges and other minor issues, although he was slapped by his father for the shame and disgrace of being arrested. After being bailed out, Tran is later seen at Race Wars, racing Jesse for pink slips. Brian warns Jesse about Tran's Honda S2000 having over $100,000 worth of upgrades under the hood of his vehicle, but Jesse ignores them and races Tran anyway.

After Tran wins, he then confronts Dominic, accusing him of the SWAT team invasion of his home, saying it was an act of disrespect to his family for being narc'd out by someone. Dominic then delivers a right hook to Tran's face and the two men scuffle on the ground before being broken up by the crowd and Dominic tells Tran "I never narc'd on nobody!", before being lead away by Vince who tells Dom to chill out.

Tran and his cousin Lance later pull a drive-by shooting at Dominic's house, narrowly missing everyone except Jesse, who was killed in the process. Brian and Dominic later chase after the two, ending with Brian fatally shooting Tran in the back, ending his life.