David Ayer Dark Blue- Bobby Keough (Scott Speedman)

Det. Bobby Keough

Bobby Keough was a LAPD detective and the partner of officer Eldon Perry in 2002's Dark Blue. He was portrayed in the film by actor Scott Speedman.

Character SummaryEdit

Keough was assigned to being the partner of Perry and ended up assisting him on some of his assignments. After Keough went on another lead related to figuring out a growing criminal case, which was loosely connected to the LAPD's latest growing scandals in their corrupt police departments led by Jack Van Meter, he was killed in a shoot-out with Meter's hired thugs, Gary Sidwell and Darryl Orchard, while romantic partner and case handler Beth Williamson, the latter who survived, looked on in horror. Perry was late to the case and after getting information while arresting Darryl and getting past some of the L.A. street riots, Perry ended up turning himself into the LAPD and exposing the corruption that Jack has masked for so long.